Saturday, June 6, 2015

Top 10 Tips for Summer Reading

Okay so it is June. That is craziness. Since it is almost summer, I thought I would make a list of some tips to stay on top of your reading this summer. I know so many people who swear an oath that they will read a set number of books during the summer. Does it happen? Of course not. So I hope these will help you read all of the books that you can!!!

10. Find books that you like!!! Whether that is from a friend's recommendation, blogger recommendation, or just an author that you like. Find a book that you will actually want to read.
9. Make a list of some sort of all the books that you are planning on reading. If you have it written down there is a higher likelihood that you will read them.
8. Join a group! Books clubs are so much fun! Whether it is through your school, with friends, or in the community it makes it ten times better to read with a group.
7. If there is a lack of clubs around then pair up! Find a good friend who has a similar interest in genres and have some fun!
6. Make a challenge out of it! Set a goal for yourself and see how many you can read!
5. Potentially picks some books that have movies coming out soon! That way you can go see the movie when you are finished (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl/ All the Bright Places etc.)
4. Find places to read. I know one of my favorite places to read in the summer is the beach. Get a nice tan on or whatever :D
3. Find some cool bookstores to check out. Local independent stores are the best and super fun to take a day trip to
2. Participate in some cool read-a-thons! I will be posting about them later but booktubeathon is one of my favorites!

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