Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Top 10 Reasons: Shadowhunters

Okay so I do not know if you all know that I am a huge Mortal Instruments fan. I started reading them when I was in middle school and have read the series so many times the pages have stains and rips. When I heard they were making a movie, I was super excited but let down not only by the cast but by the movie itself. So, I am hoping that the TV show will be AMAZING. But let us see. So, I am going to be making a Top 10 reasons why I am excited for the TV show because it is starting to look really great.

10. Do you guys know Christine from Poland Bananas Books? Watch this. 
9. ABC FAMILY. Most of my favorite shows are from ABC family so I think they will do a great job!
8. It is starting next year! So we only have to wait just a little bit of time!
7. According to the internet and Christine (PBB), they will be increasing the age of some of the characters which I  think is a good idea.

6.ISABELLE: Emeraude Toubia
5. SIMON: Alberto Rosende
4. Dominic. Freakin. Sherwood. Just look at this picture please. Perfect Jace
3. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Anything can happen! They can make unique twists and mix together books! Super exciting.
2.IT IS A TV SHOW!! That means that it is not just one two hour movie... it can go on forever!
1. Finally a TV show about a book series that I like :D :D

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