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Review: Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway

Title: Audrey, Wait
Author: Robin Benway
Publisher: Razorbill

Publication Date: April 10th, 2008
Genre: Contemporary

Page Count: 314 
Age Range: 12+

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Everybody's singing, "Audrey,Wait!"

Audrey Cuttler's life hasn't been the same since that song, "Audrey, Wait!" hit the airwaves. All she wants to do is go to concerts, hang out with her friends, and maybe score a date with the cute boy who works with her at the Scooper Dooper.

But now, her ex-boyfriend's song about their breakup is at the top of the charts and she's suddenly famous! The paparazzi won't leave her alone, the tabloids are trying to make her into some kind of rock goddess, and the Internet is documenting her every move!

Will Audrey ever be able to have a normal life again? Get ready to find out, because it's time for Audrey to tell her side of the story.

My Thoughts:

Alright amazing fellow readers. I am warning you because today I am changing up the format today. Oh yes. Today is a list review. What is a list review you ask? Well, it is when I just list the reasons why I liked the book and why I did not. I am doing this today because this is the only way I could possibly think of reviewing this book. Let me know if you like this format or if you prefer the other.... THANKSSSS :D :D 

So I think that if you added up all of the times I have read this book it would be up to fifteen now. I have read this book so many times that the pages have food stains, rips, and pen mars all over. I cannot tell you how much I love this book. I read it for the first time when I was in eight grade and fell in love. I have read it multiple times a year since then. Yes, it is a really fast read to answer your question. I think the reason why I pick it up again every year is because it is fun. Yup. That is it. It is fun. Really fun. Like I want to meet Robin Benway and hang out with her for a day- fun. So let me tell you why....

1. Audrey is freakin amazing. When I first read this book in eight grade, I wanted to be her. She is so sassy, down to earth, confident, and SO FUNNY. Audrey was someone I would really like to be friends with and during the whole novel I was rooting for her and enjoying the ride through her eyes.

2. FUNNY. FUNNY THINGS. FUNNY THINGS IN BOOK. Let me give you some advice. Do not read this book in public or around other people. You will laugh soooo hard. Robin Benway is just a really sarcastic and witty author and it really comes out through her writing.
3. The plot. It may not be about anything crazy serious or mysterious but it is just plain entertaining. I love the idea of having a song written about you (I mean I would never want it but still...). I am a huge music fan and I totally understood the feeling that Audrey talked about when she mentioned music. It came through the pages and I could really connect to it.

Now not every book is perfect, so neither is this one. So here is why..

1. Cannot hear the song... The entire time I was reading this book I just wanted to hear the song that was talked about and quoted the whole time. But of course there is no way to add music to a paperback book but still...

2. Flow. I am all for the flow and this book had great flow. But, I thought it went a little too fast. I felt like it was always going from one thing to another and I kind of wanted it to just slow down. 

Overall, amazing read. Go pick it up right now if you have not read it. 

Rating: *****
Cover Rating: this is a different cover, and I like my cover more
1. The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June by Robin Benway
2. This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales 
3. Also Known As by Robin Benway

Now, what do you think?
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  1. Love your words and pictures and the magical way you have shared all about your story - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!