Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Top 10 Favorite Places to Read

Hey everyone so I was thinking today I would rank some of my favorite/usual places that I read/ have read. I would love to hear where you guys read, so comment! Without further ado..

10. Anywhere. Anytime. Reading is awesome.
9. Work. I know, I know I probably should not be reading at work but it happens sometimes. Although it happens a lot, I am not a fan of reading at work because I am always interrupted (ALWAYS at a good part of course)
8. In the car. I used to read on the bus to school or in the car. I know some people cannot read in the car but I am one of the lucky ones who can
7. School. This is the same thing with work. I know I should be doing other things, but when I am reading a good book, I cannot help it...whoops ;D
6. While eating. This happens way too much. I will be eating breakfast while trying to balance my book in front of me. It is just so hard but I just want to read my book! Gosh.
5. Any couch in my house. Most of the couches in my house are pretty comfortable but I usually do not like to read with anyone around and my family is usually lounging so I guess this one depends..
4. The library. I like reading at the library because it is so quiet but sometimes the library does not have the best books or it may be crowded.
3. The book store (especially Barnes and Noble). I love reading at the book store. They always have nice seats that are super comfy.
2. The beach. I love reading at the beach. I bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and my bathing suit and I am a happy camper. It is so relaxing, especially with the sound of the water. Ah, I wish I were there.
1. My bed. This has to be the place where I read the most. It is just so comfortable and I usually do my reading at night before I go to bed.

a Book Nerd

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