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Review: I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios

Title: I'll Meet You There
Author: Heather Demetrios
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Publication Date: February 3, 2015
Genre: Contemporary
Page Count: 400 
Age Range: 13+

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
If seventeen- year- old Skylar Evans were a typical Creek View girl, her future would involve a double- wide trailer, a baby on her hip, and the graveyard shift at Taco Bell. But after graduation, the only thing standing between straightedge Skylar and art school are three minimum- wage months of summer. Skylar can taste the freedom- that is, until her mother loses her job and everything starts coming apart. Torn between her dreams and the people she loves, Skylar realizes everything she's ever worked for is on the line.

Nineteen- year- old Josh Mitchell had a different ticket out of Creek View: the Marines. But after his left is blown off in Afghanistan, he returns home, a shell of the cocksure boy he used to be. 

What brings Skylar and Josh together is working together at Paradise- a quirky motel off California's dusty Highway 99. Despite their differences, their shared isolation turns into an unexpected friendships and soon, something deeper. 

My Thoughts:
Heather Demetrios I love you. I love you so much I could explode. This book was exactly what I needed. It stabbed me in the chest, than twisted the blade. It was rough, though but sweet. The characters were so real and I could not stop reading. I am still sad that it ended.

The book revolves around a girl named Skylar. She just wants to get out of the trailer park that she lives in and go to the big But, once her mother starts going down the deep end she realizes she might just have to stay home and take care of her. At the same time, Josh Mitchell is coming back from Afghanistan...without a leg. Yup. He has to adjust to his old life and learn how to get better-- mentally and physically. I am going to try to say this just once but.... I LOVE JOSH MITCHELL. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He is funny, smart, kind, perfect..... Ugh, so perfect. 

Both Skylar and Josh have some serious crap to wade through, but they use each other to lean on to get through it. I loved them both. They both had their flaws, but they were realistic. After going through war (literally), and a messed up family, I think they are allowed these flaws. Once they realized that they needed each other, they were fantastic. It was not one of those throw up in you mouth romances though. It was sweet but rough on the edges. It was real, not some made up crap you stumble upon once in a blue moon.

I also loved the scenery (I guess you can call it that). I think Creek View made the book for me. It wrapped up the story in a cute little box and bow. Knowing what Josh and Skylar were trying to escape made their goals so much more necessary. And let us just talk about Paradise. I loved Paradise. Each room of the motel had its own theme, and they had the most amazing boss. 

One thing I love about books is that you get to experience all of these stories through different eyes. I loved being able to look at this town through the eyes of both Skylar and Josh. I got to feel Skylar's need to get out and Josh's problems with being back. But, this town brought the two together and KABAM. Perfection.

I do not think I should say any more because I am sort of nervous I will tell you literally everything that happens and then rant about it (has already happened unfortunately) 

Overall, I urge you all to go and pick up this book. That is all. 

My Rating: *****
Cover Rating: I want to marry the cover.
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