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Review: Trust Me, I'm Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer

Title: Trust Me, I'm Lying
  Author: Mary Elizabeth Summer
  Publisher: Delacorte Press
  Publication Date: October 14, 2014
  Page Count: 336
Genre: Contemporary 
Age Range: 12+
Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Fans of Ally Carter, especially her Heist Society readers, will love this teen mystery/thriller with sarcastic wit, a hint of romance, and Ocean’s Eleven–inspired action.

Julep Dupree tells lies. A lot of them. She’s a con artist, a master of disguise, and a sophomore at Chicago’s swanky St. Agatha High, where her father, an old-school grifter with a weakness for the ponies, sends her to so she can learn to mingle with the upper crust. For extra spending money Julep doesn’t rely on her dad—she runs petty scams for her classmates while dodging the dean of students and maintaining an A+ (okay, A-) average.

But when she comes home one day to a ransacked apartment and her father gone, Julep’s carefully laid plans for an expenses-paid golden ticket to Yale start to unravel. Even with help from St. Agatha’s resident Prince Charming, Tyler Richland, and her loyal hacker sidekick, Sam, Julep struggles to trace her dad’s trail of clues through a maze of creepy stalkers, hit attempts, family secrets, and worse, the threat of foster care. With everything she has at stake, Julep’s in way over her head . . . but that’s not going to stop her from using every trick in the book to find her dad before his mark finds her. Because that would be criminal.

My Thoughts:
I had high expectations for Trust Me, I'm Lying. I love any sort of spy or criminal mastermind book. I don't know why, probably because I wish I could do what the characters do? Anyway, I was expecting something fast paced that would keep me on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately, this did not do this for me. I found it slow and hard to keep picking up at some points.

So, the book started off with the Julep, a grifter (she tells lies), who is working odd jobs at her high school. When her father goes missing she enlists the help of her best friend, Sam, and a new boy named Tyler. She has to use the clues that he mysteriously hid to find out if he was taken by the mob. Her father was a con man but usually stayed away from the mob business, but she had a feeling that he was sucked in before he disappeared.

I liked Julep. She was sassy and did what she wanted. Also, I was kind of jealous of her because she was a grifter (I mean, how awesome would that be?). Towards the end, she was being a little stupid and making careless mistakes but I guess if you thought your dad was dead and you were in the middle of mob problems you would not be thinking completely straight either.

On the other hand, I did not like Sam or Tyler. They both just seemed so fake and I knew exactly what they were going to say and how their characters would turn out. Although, I am still sad about Tyler's unfortunate ending.

Now for the plot. I thought that it was a very interesting idea, one that could have been expanded and interpreted in many different ways. However, I thought that Summer spent too much  time on the little details and did not get to the meat of the book. I was waiting for some kick-ass action scenes but only got a relatively short one.

Overall, I thought Trust Me,  I'm Lying was an interesting read that had some good foundations but did not go all the way I was expecting it to.

My Rating: ***
Cover Rating: its okay I guess
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2. Runaway by Meg Cabot
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