Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Top 10 Couples

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Here is my top 10 favorite fictional couples.

10. Jase and Sam
These characters are from the novel My Life Next Door. Jase and Sam have a perfect summer together until disaster strikes and they are done. Sam and Jase cannot fix their relationship without figuring out their rest of their lives, but they do come back together which really shows their strength.

9. Alex and Brittany
If you are not familiar with these characters, they are form the novel Perfect Chemistry. They are on two ends of the spectrum but somehow end up together. They come from different backgrounds, friend groups and interests but they click.

8. Patch and Nora
I love paranormal romance and this was definitely one of my favorites. Patch is so mysterious and actually just plain strange, but Nora figures out what he is and they fall in love. Aww right? Until things go crazy and their relationship become strained. But, they make it out together.

7. Jace and Clary
Yup, I am going to be a typical YA reader and say Jace and Clary made my list. But how could they not? They literally go through every obstacle imaginable (siblings?!?!) and still find a way to stay together and love each other. Now that's dedication.

6. Maxon and America 
This is a weird situation. Their relationship really just starts with a mutual agreement. You help me out with this, and I will help you out with that. Pretty chill right? Nope! I loved their romance. Although it was expected, it was still really cute to see how it enfolded.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley
Again, another Harry Potter couple, but how could I resist? Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are so perfect. They still love each other after all their years of marriage and kids. Although they tease each other, these two characters would do anything for each other.

4. Josh and Nastya
Another crazy couple. These two kids have so much emotional baggage that it would seem crazy for them to be together. But they made it work. I loved that. They put all of their history aside and let themselves love for once.

3. Katy and Daemon
I think one of the reasons why I love Katy and Daemon so much is because of how they met and how they acted around each other when they first started to know each other. They HATED each other. And I loved it. There was so much tension but once they realized their feelings, there was no stopping them.

2. Max and Fang
Yes, Maximum Ride is on here again. Max and Fang were not always a couple. They were just part of the flock to begin with. A leader and her sidekick soon turned into a little bit more. Although they had their ups and downs, they made it out together.

1. Ron and Hermione
For any of my usual readers, you will know that this is nothing new for me. Anything Harry Potter will always make my top 10. It is just impossible for it not to. But to the couple. I love Ron and Hermione. They have always loved each other, even if it was just in a friend way. They are an adorable couple who I just absolutely adore.

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