Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Top 10 Bad Guys

Hello everyone!!
Today I will be ranking my top ten favorite villains up to this point! Of course this will change by next year when I read many more books!

10. Weird King Guy from Opposition (Lux Series)
I cannot remember the name of this guy but he was the king of the Arum. He was sooo funny. One of my favorite "bad guys" that really did not have anything behind his name. He almost drove Katy and Daemon to insanity and just did it for his own pleasure. He just wanted to see how far he could push them so they could get what they wanted.

9. President Snow from the Hunger Games
Most of you have probably read the Hunger Games so I will not write that much here. Overall, this guy was crazy and needed some sense smacked into him.

8. Warner from Shatter Me
He was a bad guy turned good guy and I love him. In the first couple of books, you want to claw his eyes out but towards the last one you want to run into his arms. Great personality change man. But seriously, in the beginning he make Juliette do some whacked out things and  the readers hated his guts.

7. Jeanine from Divergent
Again, most of you have probably read this so I will not go into too much detail but Jeanine was a power hungry freak. She used her intelligence to create an army of the best fighters the area had. She was smart, but was heading in the wrong direction with it.

6. Hans Gunther Hagen from Maximum Ride
Another crazy one. He wanted to sell the flock and do experiments on them. He never put up with Max's sass and just saw one end to them, his control. He only understood his point of view and that was all that mattered.

5. Calvin from Black Ice
Again, someone who is pretty messed up. He was not really loved as a kid and turned out to be a serial killer? Sweet. But seriously, he is a bad guy in Black Ice because Britt thought he was her savior and kept running back TO him. Jeez.

4. King Havillard from Throne of Glass
This guy is messed up. Honestly, how crazy can you get? King Havillard is another one of my favorite villains because everyone thinks that he is powerful but they do not even know the half of it. Yes, he conquered practically the whole world but he still has so much "magical" power that he is saving up to conquer the rest of it and make everyone his loyal servant. Pretty messed up.

3. Jeb from Maximum Ride
Yes, another typical one but seriously. Jeb is a pretty awful villain because he starts off as an ally then switches on the flock. They never know if he is helping or hurting him and even just hearing the name "Jeb" will have them flying to the other part of the country (or Earth).

2. Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter
 I think Bellatrix is one of my favorite villains because she is just plain crazy. Her laugh, her hair and her clothes makes people run in the opposite direction. She has just so much blind loyalty to Voldemort that it is not safe for anyone. She will use horrible, violent tactics to achieve her goals.

1. Voldemort from Harry Potter
Typical, I know. Buttt, he is my favorite villain. Not only is he a huge threat to Harry but he messes with everyone else's mind. Just the name "Voldemort" will have people cowering in fear. He uses his physical, mental and emotional power to get what he wants. His Death Eaters will follow his exact words and no matter what, Voldemort will do what he has to, to get what he wants.

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