Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Top 10 Favorite Female Characters

Hello everyone!!
Today I will be ranking my top ten favorite female character up to this point! Of course this will change by next year when I read many more books!

10. Aria- Under the Never Sky

Aria from Under the Never Sky is a very interesting character. She does not have any crazy abilities or is extraordinarily gifted. However, she makes her resources and situation work. She will get through what she needs to even if she is alone and in the middle of the know where. Respect.

“Oh, this was champ. She’d found herself a Savage prince. Don’t laugh, she told herself. Don’t laugh, Aria.”

9. Juliette from Shatter Me

I love Juliette. She grew so much over the course of the series going from a self- conscious weak teenage girl to a kick ass killer. She becomes more confident in herself and her powers and I think that she represents many teenage girls who are not very confident in themselves.

“Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat. That I have one, too.”  

8. Audrey from Audrey, Wait

Oh, Audrey. She is one heck of a character. I just remember reading this book and laughing out loud because she is just so funny and her situation really brings that out of her. She is a great protagonist and I had a great connection with her in the book.

“If you really want to know something about me, you should know this: I like my music loud.”  

7. Nastya from Sea of Tranquility

I think the reason I like Nastya has something to do with why I like Juilette. Nastya has had something really horrible happen to her and she is still dealing with it. However, by the end of it she realizes that yes she has gone through some bad things but she is still a human being. The book deals with some tough stuff and I think she was the perfect character to go through it.

“Call me Sunshine again, and I will murder you, cocksucker.”

6. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

Who doesn't love Luna Lovegood?!?! She is strange and weird but that is definitely part of her charm. I remember reading her lines over and over because they were just so random, but perfect. I think she represents a lot in the books, but she is also a wonderful character.

“You're just as sane as I am.”  

5. America Singer

HAHA I LOVE AMERICA SINGER. I wish I could act and talk like her. Like when she knees the prince in the crotch? Classic. She does not take any crap and she will do what she wants. She also cares about her family which I really respect.

“I can’t help it." I sighed. "One can never help being born into perfection.”  

4. Taylor Markham from Jellicoe Road

This is sort of the same situation as America Singer. She is so sarcastic and funny but I think she has more depth than America. She has experienced some tough stuff but she still carries on and will help others get through their problems (Jonah).

“Go to hell," he said, but there was a desolate fear in his eyes and I couldn't look away.
"Been there. Trust me. It's so overrated.”  

3. Katy Swartz from the Lux Series

I love Katy Swartz. She is a book blogger, a vampire/ zombie lover and total nerd. She does not hide her nerdiness and is a typical teenage girl. She is also very mentally strong and can undergo some pretty tough stuff. Go Katy!

“You’re going to be grateful when the zombie apocalypse occurs and I know what to do because of my zombie fetish.”

2. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Hermione, Hermione, Hermione. This was tough one because really, Hermione and Max are tied. I remember being Hermione for Halloween in fifth grade and getting her wand in seventh. I have always wanted to be her and I think that is why I have such a love for learning. I could talk forever about Hermione so I should cut myself off.

 "I hope you're pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed - or worse, expelled. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to bed." 

1. Max- Maximum Ride

Max. Jeez. There is so much I could say about her. Let me just say that I have always wanted to be her. She is strong, physically tough, smart, caring and perfect. She doesn't take anyone's crap and is super confident. I actually have a poster of her in my room. I love her. She is perfect.
"I'm not stubborn; I'm right!"

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